Social Media and Anxiety in 2020
Social media and anxiety in 2020

Social media can be fantastic, we just need to treat it like the addictive substance it is.

How AI will affect our lives in 2020
This is how AI will affect our lives in 2020

Artificial Intelligence is taking over, slowly. What will this year bring?

What was the Y2K bug
What was the Y2K bug? – the story of a world that didn’t end

Y2K decoded: Why didn’t the world end as we entered the millennium?

Alternative Indie Video Games
The best indie and alternative video games to play right now

Here’s our list of the best indie and alternative video games and why you should play them.

Apps for Learning Something New
12 apps for learning something new this year

Forget the 12 days of Christmas. This new year I’m bringing you 12 exciting Apps…

History of Internet Trolls
The No Majesty guide to internet trolls

Why are trolls so relentless? What’s the best way to handle them? Here’s our humble opinion….

Pokémon Go: One year on, what have we learned?

After the hype: What happened to the ‘Pokémon Go’ craze just one year after it launched?

Social Media Filter Bubbles: Relax, They Won’t Hurt

A thought piece: We construct our social reality through our filter bubbles and end up manipulating ourselves.

Investigatory powers are hitting LGBTQ communities the hardest

Coincidence? I think not.