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Ten of the Best: Films of 2017

Ten of the Best: Films of 2017


The end of the year generally means looking back at what’s happened, and trying to find meaning in the madness of the previous twelve months. On the film front, there have been some brilliant works out from January through to December, so let us give you the finest ten that this year gave us.


John Boyega and Kelly Marie Tran in Star Wars The Last-Jedi” width=”940″ height=”627″ /> John Boyega and Kelly Marie Tran in Star Wars The Last-Jedi

The Star Wars film we needed it to be – enjoyable, emotional and with more Mark Hamill than the previous one. A fitting tribute to our Princess, Carrie Fisher, and another exciting edition to the saga of the force, the Jedi and the boy from Tatooine.

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A Monster Calls

Taking Patrick Ness’ emotional novel and turning it into a film was never going to be easy, but when the film came along and was brilliant, it put so many minds at ease. The performances were all brilliant and the storytelling sure footed, bringing hope where there is darkness. Much like Room, it was the emotional drama of the year.

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It 2017


Taking the epic novel by Stephen King, beloved by many, revamping the story told with a career best Tim Curry, but even with behind the scenes issues and an epic two plus hour run time, the horror hit of the year came screaming into cinemas and breaking box office records. Bill Skarsgard was terrifying as Pennywise, and part two is on the horizon.

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The Disaster Artist James Franco Dave Franco
James Franco and brother Dave Franco in The Disaster Artist

The ballad of Tommy Wiseau and the best worst movie ever made became James Franco’s first directorial triumph. As Wiseau, Franco manages to turn an insufferable pain in the backside into a likeable oddball, while Dave Franco gives a career best performance. It’s laugh-out-loud funny at times, but also an intriguing character study.

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Proving women lead movies can be great, Gal Gadot smashes the role of Wonder Woman, with Patty Jenkins’ sure footed directing, provide slick thrills, laughs and more heart than any DC movie before it. A triumph of spectacle and shows just what the women can do when given the money and the chance. Even if the whole DCEU falls apart, Wonder Woman will stand as a triumph.

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Dafne Keen plays a young mutant in Logan

The most beautiful of swan songs, hugh jackman’s final turn as the adamantium boned badass is a sun baked western that takes the idea of family and runs with it. Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Dafne Keen are all on awards glory form, and James Mangold manages the tone perfectly. The best film in the X-Men series, and the a great work of filmmaking.

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Lilly James plays Debora, the waitress who steals Baby’s heart.

The funnest film of the year proves to be the exciting, original big screen remake of Edgar Wright’s Blue Song music video. Yes the controversy surrounding Kevin Spacey may sully the film somewhat but as a work of it’s own brilliance, it’s cracking fun and the supporting players – Eiza Gonzalez and Jon Hamm in particular are great, and the music is off the chain.

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Film Review Detroit

The timely, true story of the Detroit riots and the microcosm of how one event came to represent institutional racism. It’s as hard hitting as a film can get, and there are elements that prove too hard for some. But, when the film works best it’s because Bigelow has some of the best young actors working at the top of their game.

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2. GET OUT (Jordan Peele)


The break out film of the year that mixed satire with a dark underbelly of horror, Jordan Peele’s debut film is a brilliant film, confident and with great performances. Peele has shot to the top of the most demanded force is filmmaking and could easily be heralding a bright new talent.

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Barry Jenkins’ film Moonlight took on issues not just surrounding race but also sexuality.

The surprising best picture winner, this beautiful film shows the life and times of one homosexual African American, but everyone already knows this. The film is brilliant, with perfect performances from the cast, well shot, well written and simply put, a perfect film. Not just a film for this year, but a film for the ages.

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