The Top 8 Luxury Sneaker Brands

Top Luxury Sneaker Brands



High-end sneakers have become quite popular over the past few years. The increased variety means it is much harder to know which of these options available are truly premium or even right for you. Numerous designers, including massive brands like Gucci, have been creating luxury sneakers for some time, while other brands like Common Projects have only focused on sneakers making them well-known within the sneaker community. Before you go out and buy a pair of sneakers, here is a peak of the best luxury sneaker brands you should check out.

Common Projects

Common Projects are thought of by many people as the brand that started the luxury sneaker trend. Their signature shoe, the Achilles, has become ubiquitous with those who are no longer interested in brands like Jordan and those who are just getting their first sneakers.

Their sneakers’ appeal is that they are cross-cultural. They mix different elements to make them appeal to and look amazing for everyone, which helps explain their popularity further. Because of how ubiquitous they are and how long they’ve been around, Common Projects’ sneakers have earned a timeless status.

Person wearing trainers

Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela footwear offers something different. It seeks to offer a modern twist on trainer sneakers issued to the German Army, with the sneakers made using pure white leather and including a gum sole and suede accents.

Because of how popular the signature Replica sneakers are, they have been reinterpreted many times, with different designers adding various elements to them. Designers have used basket-weave materials, metallic leather and even paint splatter to produce unique Maison Margiela sneakers.

Golden Goose

Golden Goose is based in Italy and the sneaker brand specializes in distressed sneakers. Golden Goose sneakers are made out of premium Italian leather which makes them both durable and comfortable. Apart from their materials and looks, Golden Goose sneakers are also different from other sneakers in that they are true to their size. You do not have to worry about their fit because instant comfort is a big consideration for the brand.

There are several types of sneakers produced by the brand including superstar sneakers, hi tops, purestar, and ball star sneakers, all of which you can see on the Ssense website. Golden Goose is much more than a sneaker brand because they also produce sandals, bags and high-end attire. Their clothes and accessories can be found on SSENSE, itself a high-end retailer that stocks high-end attire and accessories from the biggest brands around the world including Balenciaga, Gucci, and many others.


Berluti is known for its leather and so when they produced sneakers, they featured this material heavily. Their sneakers are hand-painted and feature artisanal characteristics that make it impossible to produce duplicates. They come in a variety of colors including green, blue, red, and, of course, black and brown.

Berluti sneakers offer the same sophistication and wearability you get from Berluti dress shoes. They might be expensive, but there is nothing else on the market like Berluti sneakers.


Balenciaga is a name synonymous with high fashion and incredibly designed signature attire. Given the brand’s reputation, it is no wonder that their sneakers have already achieved cult status in some circles. The sneakers look cool and have already been endorsed by various celebrities.

Those looking for a statement Balenciaga sneaker cannot go wrong with the Triple S. Although it used to be much harder to find, this has changed a lot. The brand has also incorporated other designs into the lineup, sorting many sneakerheads will appreciate.

Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli is well known for its cashmere products that are often labeled the softest and coziest items in the world. If you appreciate the finer things in life, you will love their sneakers. The Brunello Cucinelli sneakers are made in Italy, they are very light (which explains the Airsole name) and are made using perforated leather that keeps your feet comfortable regardless of the outside temperature.

Hender Scheme

The Hender Scheme sneaker brand is somewhat different from the other brands we have featured above because they are made entirely out of leather. Their designs closely follow those of other popular brands like the Adidas Superstar and the Nike Air Force 1.

The brand uses vegetable-tanned leather which is very soft and gets darker as the shoe ages. In addition to the reinterpreted designs, the brand is also expanding to include original designs.


Gucci’s sneakers are difficult to confuse with anything else. Their sneakers feature bold designs and motifs combined with splashes of bright colors throughout the sneakers. The quality here is what you would expect from Gucci, with the sneakers being very comfortable.

Although Gucci is known for its low-top sneakers, the brand is also venturing into chunky sneakers and making great headway in that direction.

There is no shortage of styles, colors, materials, and designs when it comes to luxury sneaker brands. Sneakerheads have a huge selection to choose from, with numerous brands already in the space producing luxury sneakers that fit different types of people.

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