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My three wishes for 2018 – Charissa Cheong

My three wishes for 2018 – Charissa Cheong

Charissa Cheong

3 Things I Wish for in 2018

2018 is a big year for me. The stress of turning 18 and being considered an adult, finishing my A-levels, going to University – as my whole life is starting to turn upside down, being asked to think about what I want to happen this year has been challenging and almost frightening. However, if a genie were to turn up on my doorstep and grant me three wishes, I wouldn’t be afraid to go BIG. Whilst I really don’t know where my own life is headed, I certainly have some drastic, and some may even say idealistic, thoughts about what I want the world to be like. So here goes nothing. I wish…

For the Labour Party to get its act together already. As a member of the Labour Party, I find myself continuously frustrated as Labour politicians run in circles around each other, and claw at each other’s throats. Party divisions have held us back for far too long, and it’s about time we band together to reach out to other people. Of course, I’d like to see tuition fees abolished, but more than that I’m tired of seeing the Tory government make mistake after mistake without being criticised, and without anyone stepping in to do something about it. If we stop squabbling among ourselves this year and adopt a united front, perhaps the Labour Party can finally make a strong comeback.

I wish for women to finally have gender equality. I went to the Women’s March on January 21st with some of my friends. Seeing Downing Street filled with such powerful and determined women inspired me and further fuelled my anger about serious issues such as the pay gap, period poverty and sexual harassment. Through the rain, sleet and snow, over 7,000 of us stood united against sexism, and I was incredibly proud to be a part of that. In 2018, I really do hope to see something change. We have been marching for decades and it really is time for justice to be carried out.

I wish for global illiteracy to end. Three years from now, I hope to have completed a degree in English Literature. Reading is a passion of mine and I have always been hopeful that one day, everyone in the world will have complete access to literature. In the UK alone, 5.1 million adults have been deemed unable to pass even an English GCSE. Linking in with my wish about gender equality, the fact that female literacy around the world has long lagged behind male literacy is unacceptable to me. My first wish for the year is very much UK-focused, and my second wish for women. That being said, the benefits of this final wish will stretch throughout the globe. Even if magic genies don’t exist, I won’t stop fighting for everyone to be able to read and write throughout and following 2018.

Charissa Cheong is a contributing writer at No Majesty.

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