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My Three Wishes for 2018 – Thomas Brimberg

My Three Wishes for 2018 – Thomas Brimberg


Thomas Brimberg

North Korea, the NHS, Trump, the Brexit, all the sexual harassment stories, what could be worse? It would ruin the vibe and cut the party short for sure. Backtracking towards the evening, I really started to feel a bit anxious. I thought about how gloomy conversions would unravel given the rather dystopian current affairs. But that time, I could not have been more wrong. Whilst 2017 wrapped up with some gruesome headlines, the mood appeared as vibrant as ever on the last night of the year. People just danced and laughed in blissful smiles, and so did I! Over the classic tunes and the tinkling sound of clinking flutes, wishes were shared. Bright prospects of happiness, like mantras for the future.

A friend once said that the best things in life are often the most unexpected. And yes, it sounds like something Gandhi or that annoying hippy kid would say on his return from Tomorrowland. But for the sake of all the neurotics out there, myself included, I have to admit it was all true. I had wished for nothing in 2017. None of the usual lottery winning, weight loss and other love at first sight longing for me. I was the maker of my fate, the sole captain of what was to come. Looking back as I poured another glass of booze between kissing couples, deciding not to wish for anything had surprisingly brought everything I could have ever wanted over the last 12 months. A delightful array of beautiful encounters, luck, and exhilarating adventures. Resuscitating memories, I gazed in the bubbles and wished for the same in 2018. Hope for nothing more than the unexpected.

Of course, 2017 also came with its lot of unsettling fears and disastrous moments. The consequences of my desire to take advice from nobody but myself. The 31st seemed like the right time for moral accounting and considering where things had gone wrong. Listening solely to my guts stood high on my very ascetic wish list from the past year. Maybe a bit too high for my own good. Mistakes were made because of that and they overshadowed the rest far too greatly for my taste. Now I could really relate to Holden Caulfield’s experience. For I had learned the hard way that a falling man will not feel or hear himself hit the bottom. In the light of that newly acquired wisdom and the disco ball flashing over the dancefloor, I wished I could be more humble in the next year. For gracious advice can actually be useful sometimes.

The party was a success, and with the rising sun all cynicism had flown away for an instant. In addition to all the above, one last thing came through my mind, as my friends offered to take the bash to a late-night venue nearby. Why should moving on and embracing tomorrow only be a one-night stand? You see, New Year’s Eve stood at the same time on the edge of the past and the future. An occasion to fix oneself in the very moment. To be as present as can be, if you will. But why not do it on a more daily basis? So on that note, I decided my final wish for 2018 would be an everyday romance with the present. Relishing each day like the last one.

Although raging beats from the afterparty would quickly hush all that gooey Yoko Ono mushiness, I truly found myself at ease. There was nothing more I could wish for, but to wish you all a very happy new year in the midst of tomorrow and yesterday!

Thomas Brimberg is a contributing writer at No Majesty

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