Tuesday’s vote on Brexit deal has been delayed, reports say

Politics update 29.03.2019

Theresa May Brexit Deal

The ‘meaningful vote’ on Theresa May’s Brexit deal has been postponed until after the original Tuesday date, according to reports from Westminster this afternoon.

The prime minister hastily arranged a conference call with her cabinet on Tuesday morning, and is believed to be reacting to the ever-growing likelihood that Tuesday’s vote would see her deal squashed in parliament.

Update: One source has said Theresa May will be addressing the Commons at 3.30, see below.

We will have updates here and on Twitter.

Reacting to the news, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon issued the following statement:

“Assuming these reports are accurate, this is a watershed moment and an act of pathetic cowardice by a Tory government which has run out of road and is now collapsing into utter chaos. It is final proof that the interests of a deeply-divided Tory party matter far more to the prime minister than people’s jobs and living standards. That is an unforgivable dereliction of responsibility, and the UK government should now get out of the way and allow others to take charge.

It appears the vote is being delayed because of the Tory party civil war, and in a desperate attempt to save the prime minister’s job. Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain but yet again our views are being ignored, as they have been throughout this disastrous and incompetent Brexit process.

The prime minister’s deal should come before the House of Commons immediately so that it can be voted down and we can replace Tory chaos with a solution that will protect jobs, living standards and Scotland’s place in Europe.”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the delay shows the government is ‘not functioning.

“The government has decided Theresa May’s Brexit deal is so disastrous that it has taken the desperate step of delaying its own vote at the eleventh hour.

We have known for at least two weeks that Theresa May’s worst of all worlds deal was going to be rejected by parliament because it is damaging for Britain. Instead, she ploughed ahead when she should have gone back to Brussels to renegotiate or called an election so the public could elect a new government that could do so.

We don’t have a functioning government. While Theresa May continues to botch Brexit, our public services are at breaking point and our communities suffer from dire under-investment. Labour’s alternative plan for a jobs first deal must take centre stage in any future talks with Brussels.”

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