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Here’s what’s coming to Netflix in January 2020

Here’s what’s coming to Netflix in January 2020

Coming to Netflix UK January 2020

Broke after Christmas and too cold to leave the house? This is when your Netflix subscription really becomes your best investment. The decade is kicking off with some brilliant new television and on top of that, Netflix is streaming some classic movies too as well as much of the 2017 Oscar nominee list. So get your new pyjamas on, crack open the leftover Christmas chocolates and cwtch up with the remote. 

1st January:

True Romance (1993)

Brad Pitt‘s cameo in True Romance.


True Romance is a fast-paced, ensemble cast, crime classic movie. It follows Alabama and Clarence as they flee the mafia in a typical non-stop American road movie style. True Romance is wild and careers from plot point to plot point all set to a Hans Zimmer score. True Romance is one of Tarantino’s earliest films – he wrote the screenplay – and it is a must-watch for any and all film buffs.


The Terminal (2004)

Zoe Saldana and Tom Hanks in The Terminal.

Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg doing what they do best: making us laugh and cry in alternated jags through an entire movie. Viktor Navorski finds on arrival at JFK airport that he has become stateless. His home country taken over by military coup and his passport invalidated, he is forced to live in the terminal of JFK. The film is about the concept of home and it’s about immigration and politics and power too but mainly, it’s about relationships and the impact they have on our existences. 


Stepford Wives (2004)

Stepford Wives (2004)
Matthew Broderick and Nicole Kidman in Stepford Wives.

Based in Ira Levin’s creepy, unsettling novella, Stepford Wives is a thriller that investigates and destabilizes the cult of domesticity. Another ensemble cast, this time, lead by Nicole Kidman who plays Joanna, a photographer who begins to suspect something untoward is going on in her new neighbourhood… 


7th January:

Wonder Woman (2017)

Wonder Woman (2017)

DC Comics brilliant, female-centric superhero film stars Gal Gadot – which also sounds like a superhero name – in the title role. The storyline is actually really gripping as well as the film being full of incredible acrobatics, action, explosions and other exciting features. Gal Gadot is beautiful and graceful; a true pleasure to see on screen. 


10th January:

AJ and the Queen


RuPaul – of course, from RuPaul’s Drag Race – stars in this comedy series about a drag queen whose life has hit the rocks, who through a twist of fate finds himself looking after a young boy. We’re excited.


17th January:

Sex Education season 2

The first series of this which came out last year was hugely popular; a slow-burning word of mouth series, the show eventually gained momentum increasingly quickly as it seemed like everyone was talking about it. Sex Education is set in a faux-American high school populated by reliably beautiful, stylish teenagers, it’s filmed in Wales but set in… a kind of transatlantic dream-scape. This is Asa Butterfield’s biggest role since The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and it really couldn’t be more different. Here he plays Gillian Anderson’s long-suffering, sexually stunted son, stymied by the fact that his mother is a sex therapist. Excellent stuff. 


18th January:

Darkest Hour (2017)

Kristin Scott Thomas Gary Oldman Darkest Hour
Kristin Scott Thomas as Clementine Churchill and Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour.

Gary Oldman is absolutely unrecognisable in this Biopic of Winston Churchill. Even if you’re not interested in history and politics, this is worth a watch for the performance alone. Beyond brilliant acting, hair and make-up, the film provides a succinct and stylish, as you’d expect from Joe Wright,  narrative of Winston Churchill’s decision making process as he deliberates whether to sign a peace treaty with Hitler or keep fighting against the odds. 


Phantom Thread (2017)

Phantom Thead Review Vicky Krieps Lesley Manville

Daniel Day Lewis’s supposed final role before his retirement, Phantom Thread is a gothic masterpiece. A collage of striking visuals, moving score and creepy, excellent, acting. The film concerns a couturier haunted by his own desires. It owes a debt to Angela Carter, Patrick Suskind and M.R. James with is dark corners and sinister motivations and it is well worth a watch while the nights continue to be so long and cold. 


24th January

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 3

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2 Netflix
Kiernan Shipka in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

When Sabrina came out in 2017 I was sceptical about the fact that Salem was not going to talk (like he does in the old Melissa Joan Hart series) but I was absolutely wrong to be concerned because Sabrina is excellent. It’s dark, its clever, its spooky and its still very funny. Full to the brim with historical, religious and pop-cultural references, and somehow striking the perfect balance we never knew we needed between teen dramady and the concerns of the underworld. 


29th January:

Dunkirk (2017)


This is a film of many parts: Hans Zimmer’s breathtaking score, Tom Hardy flying a plane, Harry Styles really and truly demonstrating that he’s not just a pretty face… All tied together in an incredible, explosive, heartrending Christopher Nolan multi-narrative package. Dunkirk will go down in history for its depiction of the war on the beaches. 

Other releases:

13th January:

The Last Face (2017)

14th January

Leslie Jones: Time Machine (2020)

16th January

Get Him to the Greek (2010)

Legend (2015)

Steve Jobs (2015)

17th January

Hip-Hop Evolution (Season 4)

18th January

The Bling Ring (2013)

23rd January

The Queen (2006)

October Faction (Season 1)

31st January

Bojack Horseman (Season 6 – Part 2 – Final Season)