Here’s what’s leaving Netflix in February

The Good Wife Netflix

Say goodbye to The Good Wife.

Trust us, nobody’s having fun out there. Stay on the sofa and let us add a sense of urgency to your streaming habit. A whole bunch of shows are leaving Netflix in February, so catch them before they’re gone. While you’re at it, why don’t you check out our list of shows to binge-watch on Netflix? Real life’s not going anywhere.

The Good Wife – 1st February

That’s right, everyone’s favourite power-suited courtroom drama is being taken off Netflix. USA Today called The Good Wife “broadcast’s best drama” and the New York Times compared its protagonist Alicia Florrick to Breaking Bad’s Walter White. If you haven’t managed to get through this brilliant series, make sure you catch perhaps its best episode ‘The Last Call’ – which bagged Julianna Margulies a Primetime Emmy – before it’s taken off in February.

Dreams of a life (2011) – 1st February

Dreams of a life is the devastating true story of Joyce Carol Vincent, who was found dead in her apartment, she remains not being discovered until three years after her death. The documentary feature interviews of those who knew her, as they try to piece together her life.

Dreams of a Life

Freaks and Geeks (1999) – 1st February

Before Judd Apatow’s Frat Pack went on to create most of the essential comedies of the 21st century, Linda Cardellini, James Franco, Seth Rogen and Jason Segel starred in Freaks and Geeks, the smarter-than-your-average high school comedy that was far too short lived. Running for only 12 episodes, the shown is still featured on most ‘greatest shows of all time’ lists. Catch it before it’s gone.

Freaks and Geeks Netflix


Babershop (2002) – 1st February

Child’s Play (1988) – 1st February

Never been kissed (1999) – 1st February

The Smurfs (2011) – 2nd February

Merlin (2012) – 22nd February

It’s not all bad news though! Take a look at what’s new on Netflix in February 2018.

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