4 reasons why Chicago is still a great city for musicians

Why Chicago is still a great city for musicians

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When you are starting out as a musician, where you choose to base yourself can have immense repercussions for how your art is received. From the cultural offerings to the mood of the people, it all plays a part. 

The quality of the music you produce may undergo significant changes also. Perhaps you will find inspiration from your surroundings? Maybe you would have better access to state-of-the-art equipment, venues, and backing musicians also? The possibilities are endless, which means you must select your perfect location with precision. 

Chicago is worthy of your consideration. The city has a proven track record of helping aspiring musicians find their voice, and you could be next. 

Below we have outlined 4 reasons why Chicago is a great city for musicians. 

Chicago Shapes Artists

Chicago has a solid track record of producing world-changing music. From the iconic industry figures of today to entire genres of music, this city has had a real say in all of it. 

Chicago Theatre

The historic Chicago Theatre.

Take Kanye West, for instance, whose music has arguably shaped a generation. There are many formative locations around the city and suburbs that shaped West as a person, and his music also. While much of his character has arguably been subject to controversy, few could dispute the innovation and uniqueness within his music. To have so much talent shaped by space and place is extraordinary. 

Of course, Chicago’s musical heritage does not start and end with West either. Chicago is notorious for featuring some of the best blues music around. In this regard, Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, and more all had a hand in building this scene. Chicago and blues are so intrinsic to one another that seeing any blues music live is a must-do for tourists.  

So many have risen through the ranks and created not only music but culture also. In Chicago, the sky is truly the limit, making it the perfect setting to develop your music career at all stages of its development.  

A Community That Cares

For musicians to thrive, they need a vibrant artistic scene around them. Not only this, but they need to be supported by a strong community that will fight for them too. 

Artists in Chicago watch out for one another, and success does not change them. After all, last year, a total of 100 performers with ties to the city took part in a viral fundraiser to help the arts survive the pandemic. Musicians were an essential part of the effort. That successful musicians still circle back to help Chicago in times of crisis is highly telling how vital the city is to the arts and what type of artists it produces. Honesty, passion, loyalty – it is all here. 

By situating yourself in Chicago as a musician, you can expect to feel a similar vibe for yourself. It is a city that will nurture your talent and likely inform your artistry for many years to come. Exposing yourself to that energy is a huge advantage, especially during the early years where riches and fame are nowhere in sight. 

Remember, though world-leading artists and music can make an impression on you, it certainly is not everything. Surrounding yourself with all the different voices of the city’s people can be a far more significant point of inspiration for your craft. Superstardom is not the accurate measure of music – the togetherness of it is. That is what you will tap into in Chicago.  

Access To Studio Space

Whether you need to record, mix, or edit, Chicago has an answer to it all. 

Book yourself into an affordable Chicago recording studio and start creating music right away. Thanks to Pirate, these creative hubs are open 24/7 for use. Drop by for an hour if you have sudden inspiration or bunker yourself down in your artistic labyrinth all day – the choice is yours. Under these arrangements, you can heed your instincts on a dime. Nothing is holding you back. 

Beginner musicians hustle, and up-and-comers likely cannot rely on their music alone to pay the bills. Still, regardless of your busy schedule, Pirate’s studio spaces are perfect creative retreats always available to you, irrespective of your schedule. Your talent is championed in Chicago, no matter what. 

An ‘Experimental’ City

If you are worried that your musical creations will somehow feel stifled or uninspired in the city, think again. 

Only last year, Rolling Stone described Chicago as “one of the most adventurous, experimental scenes” in the US, citing trailblazing hip-hop and musical risk-taking as justification for their praise. Not only do you have access to state-of-the-art studio spaces, but there is also an appetite in this city for everything that you create also.

Knowing that there is an eager audience for music can invigorate you with creative energies as an artist also. Not every musician has the luxury of knowing that ‘trying something new’ may pay off, as elsewhere, their tunes may fall on deaf and disinterested ears. Base yourself in Chicago and take advantage of the fact that the city is willing you to succeed. 

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