World politics – Top stories today – 6th April

World politics – Top stories today – 6th April

Ukraine invasion day 42

You deserve the truth’: Boris Johnson addresses Russians directly about Ukraine war

Ukraine President Zelensky addresses United Nations Security Council — 4/5/22

Ukraine war: Debunking propaganda and fakes | DW News

How could Vladimir Putin be prosecuted for war crimes?

Channel 4 – UK government pushes ahead with privatisation

Nadine Dorries doesn’t know how Channel 4 works in embarrassing select committee appearance

What you need to know about the privatisation of Channel 4


COVID-19: No end in sight for Shanghai lockdown as cases surge even higher

A Poor People’s Pandemic: Report Reveals Poor Died from COVID at Twice the Rate of Wealthy in U.S.

Pakistan protests

Pakistan in Crisis After PM Imran Khan Dissolved Parliament & Accused U.S. of Plotting Regime Change

Sri Lanka crisis

Sri Lanka police use teargas at protests over economic crisis

Sri Lanka MPs leave Gotabaya Rajapaksa-led coalition

LGBTQ+ rights 

LGBTQ+ conference cancelled over conversion practices furore

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