Influencer’s wedding proposal exposed as marketing stunt

Influencer’s wedding proposal exposed as marketing stunt
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The apparent ‘surprise’ engagement of the social media superstar Marissa Casey Fuchs and her fiance Gabriel Grossman, has been revealed to be an elaborate marketing stunt, and not a surprise at all.

Earlier in June, Casey Fuchs, who is known as a fashion influencer on Instagram as well as a director of brand partnerships for Gwyneth Paltrow’s company, Goop, posted a video on the social media platform with her boyfriend saying that he has the most important question of his life to ask her.

Then over the following two days, the couple shared a number of Instagram stories (the footage of the stories was approximately 45 minutes long) to their followers: in total between the two of them, this was a combination of a staggering 201,000 followers.


What did the Instagram stories show?

These stories involving the wedding proposal, show the influencer taking part in a number of activities including trips to the Hamptons, dinners, shopping trips in Miami and Florida, before a final Instagram story of a holiday in Paris.

In the footage, the couple keep followers guessing as to when Grossman will get down on one knee and propose to Fuchs.

According to a report recently published by The Atlantic, it showed that someone had approached a number of high profile brands to sponsor this engagement. 

A ‘ sales deck’ had been sent to a number of brands and creative advertising agencies, sharing every location that the couple would visit, as well as what they would be doing whilst in these destinations – this also included particular things she would end up sharing on her Instagram page.


What did the couple say?

In response to the allegation, Marissa sent a statement via email to state that the proposal was never a marketing stunt.

Regarding the alleged ‘deck’ that had been sent around to a number of companies asking for sponsorship, Marissa said that her best friend had created the deck as a way of simply providing a guide to ‘creating content’ and also something specially for close family and friends to use throughout the proposal. 

Furthermore, she said her boyfriend had paid for all of the proposal.

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