Politics update: Pressure builds for Corbyn to back second referendum, May pleads with MPs in new video

Politics update 01.05.2019

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May pleads with MPs to back Brexit deal in new year’s video

Theresa May has pleaded with MPs to back her Brexit deal in a new year video released on Tuesday, where she asked members to “put our differences aside and move forward together” in a fresh attempt to seek support.

In her new year’s day message, the PM sought to apply pressure to MPs who currently oppose her Brexit deal, urging them to allow the UK to “turn a corner” by supporting her deal, adding that she wanted 2019 to be “the year we put our differences aside and move forward together”.

The new plea comes a week before MPs are set to begin debating May’s Brexit deal in the commons, with the ‘meaningful vote’ on the deal expected to take place in the week commencing 14 January. The vote was originally set to take place in December, but May postponed this after it appeared that her deal would not get majority support in parliament.

Since delaying, the deal, May has been attempting to gain “legal and political assurances” from the EU on the Irish border backstop, attempting to get written agreements that it will not come into force, and that it would be a temporary measure. However, EU leaders have been unwilling to provide these reassurances to the prime minister in recent weeks.

Pressure builds for Corbyn as members back second referendum

Politics update 02.02.2019 Jeremy Corbyn

A new study has found that members of the Labour party overwhelmingly back a fresh vote on Brexit, adding pressure on leader Jeremy Corbyn to support a second referendum.

72% of members were shown to support a fresh referendum, according to a study of attitudes towards Brexit in various political parties. In addition, nearly 90% of party members would support staying in the EU.

Currently, Labour’s official policy is that a second referendum could be considered if the party’s MPs fail to force a general election, after May’s deal is voted down in the Commons. However, Corbyn weakened the chances of this after saying he expected Brexit to happen even if his party won an early general election.

Hunt hails connections with EU countries

Jeremy Hunt Foreign Secretary

Jeremy hunt has received criticism for claiming Britain’s close “connections” with EU member states will be crucial to the country’s future success, despite his strong support for Brexit.

The foreign secretary will make a speech in Singapore on Wednesday, where he will hail the UK’s “friendship with our neighbours in Europe” as one of the main reasons to be optimistic for trade, calling for Britain to “act as an invisible chain linking together the democracies of the world.”

The comments contradict Hunt’s own publicly expressed views on Brexit, of which he has been seen as a supporter. Hunt told radio station LBC that he voted to remain in the European Union in the 2016 referendum, but said he changed his mind due to EU “arrogance” around the deal. He has also been vocally supportive of May’s Brexit deal.

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