This Month in Trump’s America


Keith Mooney is a fulltime student/writer living in Northeast Ohio. He lives in an area where Barack Obama won the majority vote in the 2008 and 2012 elections, and Donald Trump has just won by a landslide.


As I type this I’m experiencing what it’s like under a Trump America. Not only what Trump is doing but how citizens are acting under his administration. Living in the battlegrounds of the confused middle class. All opinions are up for attack.

The United States is in an ideological battle with its own President. Ever since Donald Trump has been inaugurated President, I cannot even watch my sports programs on ESPN without getting a nice dose of politics. Those who purposely try to flee away from the topic of politics are being cornered with the rest of American society.

Citizens who’ve supported Trump during his campaign, meanwhile, seem to have vanished. I live in the state of Ohio, where President Trump beat Hillary Clinton by nearly 10%. However, I find this fact hard to believe because everyone I seem to ask, no matter the race or age, seems to disapprove of all his actions.

It’s starting to become frightening and consequential to voice your opinion if you’re a white male in the United States. Extreme Liberals, automatically categorize white males as racist, fascist Trump supporters. If you don’t protest with them, then you’re apparently against them. However, a lot of these protests are not what I consider constitutionally granted, but rather demonstrations which evolve into acts of mob violence. I’ve sat on the couch for hours debating to myself why people who protest for love and peace are breaking into stores, beating people to a bloody pulp, fighting the police, and setting things on fire.

Leftists and liberals were already disapproving of Donald Trump’s presidential actions, before he was even inaugurated. Citizens having different and opposing views is what makes America such a great country. However, when people say that Trump is doing a bad job as President before any significant presidency has taken place, this becomes an ignorant statement.

This is coming from a man who did not vote for President Trump. My first election that I could vote in, I voted for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney. The case I’m trying to make is that just because something we don’t like is happening to us, it doesn’t mean we can behave like animals.

How is beating up a 40-year-old Trump voter going to help your cause? The internet is full of  countless videos of white male Trump supporters being assaulted by those who oppose Trump. What makes this ironic is that anti-Trump protesters are saying they don’t like Trump because he’s anti-peace. It’s hard to take these people seriously when they take part in these acts of violence.



The fact is, there is no visible way around political issues anymore in America. A week ago, I was watching First Take on ESPN, and they talked about the Electoral College for an hour. United States citizens and our federal government are far from being on the same page. The mainstream media doesn’t help the situation much, because they’ve already created an anti-Trump agenda. Liberal Media sites didn’t want to discuss how Trump backed out of the T.P.P. deal (personally that made me somewhat optimistic about what he can do). Bernie Sanders was even quoted saying how good of a job it was of Trump doing that. What makes this relevant is that citizens simply do not like President Trump. No matter what the man does, he will likely be met by a sea of skepticism and doubt.

Trump entered office with the lowest favorable rating of any President since they started to collect opinion polls. We can already see the difficulty he has employing people under his administration. Michael Flynn already resigned due to invalid communications with Russia. Being friendly towards the Russian government was one of the concerns with Trump entering office, and the concern has been extended by Trump’s admission that he knew about Flynn’s communication with Russia. Multiple polls have came out giving Trump’s approval rating averages of 39%. Polls may vary in numbers, and you can look at the various differences between different polls on sites like, which helpfully tracks multiple polls. But these polls do all have one thing is in common: Trump is below the threshold and continuing to reach new record lows.

This administration that has taken over our country has showed the true colors of the United States citizens. Liberals complain more than ever about how unconstitutional the Electoral College is. However, if it was the other way around and Hillary won by electoral votes and not popular votes, the conversation would likely change for liberals, saying that it’s our constitutional right to abide by the electoral process.


President Trump and Melania Trump arrive for a campaign rally at Orlando Melbourne International Airport on 18 February. (Photo -Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

American citizens have exploited the hypocrisy that party politics has brought with it. Now more than ever, parties of the other side of the political spectrum are viewed as enemies rather than political affiliates. Trumps morals and past has been brought up more and more by the Democrats, and rightfully so.

What Donald Trump said about women was disgusting and inappropriate. That being said, allow me to point out that Bill Clinton was alleged to have harassed several women, and was chased by sexual scandal for much of his presidency. Franklin D. Roosevelt had multiple affairs when he was married to Eleanor, and one of his mistresses was his own cousin. The point I’m trying to reach is that America has had many Presidents, some that were even considered great, who did what many consider inappropriate and unjust actions. Trump seems to nonetheless take the cake in most people’s opinions, though he hasn’t even reached his first year.

World leaders and their views on President Trump, concern as well as scare me. Not because they are wrong in being pessimistic about him, but rather that I’m scared what Trump will sacrifice just because someone has verbally hurt his feelings. The man is an egomaniac who can’t get off Twitter. I don’t want my President going on twitter every night and ranting about how wrong everyone is just because they disagree with him.

In the past few months, Iran has started testing more and more ballistic missiles for their nuclear operations, and North Korea has extended their operations in nuclear warfare. All this had taken place in less than a month of Trump’s presidency. Making the U.S. citizens think “Will we actually get to see a nuclear World War 3.” The chances are higher than ever, and this remains one of the reasons for the repetitive attempts to create a case to impeach Trump.

Whenever President Trump doesn’t get his way he rants about how outrageous those who disagree with him are. His recent unprofessional approach of representing the Presidency as well as the United States truly frightens and embarrasses me.

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